What Always Seems To Go Wrong In Your First Race?

It’s almost like there are certain mistakes you can’t help but make in the first time you get out on a race track.

Above we see one of the more destructive crashes in recent 24 Hours of LeMons history—Ferkel the world’s first diesel Porsche 911 came across a stalled Mazda Miata in a very dramatic fashion...


...which then spun around into the path of Eyesore Racing’s own Miata.

While the rear-engine Porsche made it back out on track, the nose-to-nose Mazdas were toast.

It’s shit like this that always seems to happen on a race track. I should know. I have been half of a target fixation/stalled car combo myself.


What else always goes wrong for first-time racers?


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you use an analog tire pressure gauge and get right side off by 1.5psi causing loss of control and wild curb jumping