We're Taking President's Day Off Like The Good Patriots We Are

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Good morning and happy President’s Day my fellow Americans (and a hearty ‘How’re you now?’ to all of my Canadian cousins out there) pour yourself a flagon of cider and pick the lice out of your good wig, we’re colonizing this whole day in the name of relaxation.

The Jalopnik crew is off today because we are just too damn patriotic to work on this holiest of federal holidays. Actually, we get President’s Day off because, as members of a union, we get a nice pile of days off. Ya see kids, the union makes us strong.

Anyway, because we’re off today we’re rerunning some stuff — a few features from the last few years to keep your lust for blogs sated while we snatch up some sick deals on mattresses. Or maybe we all will just stay home, as we have for the last 11 months.


It’s going to be 6 degrees in Detroit today, so I’m not going anywhere. I will, however, be embodying the spirit of our 27th president William Howard Taft, in that I plan to spend a few hours in a bathtub.

Have a great one today! Stay safe and healthy.

Managing Editor of Jalopnik.

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Yes I drive a 240... Sort of

Can I get a show of hands for everyone with today off?

I do not get it off and I haven’t since I was in school. I only know of one person that get’s it off that’s not a public servant, and that’s because his boss gives him all the holidays off, including the more obscure ones.