Wenches On Street-Legal Pirate Ship Ready To Keelhaul Denver

You see all sorts of desert pirate ships at Burning Man, but most of those machines can't roll on public roads. Come to Denver, however, and you might find this Chevrolet-truck-based vessel raising the Jolly Roger in your rear-view mirror!


I haven't seen this headlights-and-license-plates-equipped ship in person, but Cadillac Bob (of big-block, Jag-rear-equipped Rambler Marlin race car fame) ran across it at a Denver watering hole last weekend and was kind enough to get some photos for us. They don't have parrots or eyepatches, but they do have comely wenches! Arrrrh!


Real pirate ships have manual transmissions...


...and small-block power. I'm going to track down these pirates and get the whole story of their incredible project (and try to convince them to add a roll cage and enter it in the 24 Hours of LeMons), so check in on future weekends.

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