Watching An Audi Corner At 212 MPH Is Like Nothing You've Ever Seen

This is Audi's new "long tail" R18 Le Mans racer taking a corner flat out at 212 miles an hour. It sounds like a faraway jet fighter and it looks like nothing you've seen.


Axis of Oversteer posted this part of Audi's testing before the 24 Hours of Le Mans this summer. To simulate the speeds of the endless Mulsanne Straight, Audi got Monza to open up their end-of-straight chicane. This meant the R18 could enter the infamous Curva Grande without even lifting, somewhere between 205 and 212 miles an hour.


No F1 car is allowed to be anywhere near as fast here.

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Are they cutting the chicane from the Mulsanne Straight this year to bring back the old track or was that only for this practice?

PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE be it being removed. You just don't see any corners this fast outside of F1 anymore.