Watch Two F1 World Champions Race Off Road At 180 Miles An Hour

This weekend at Monza, Alonso took to the grass outside of the super high speed Curva Grande while trying to pass Sebastian Vettel. Last year, Vettel was pushed onto the grass by Alonso on the same turn. Let's watch them side-by–side.


Even watching the onboard video in slow motion, it's hard to see if Vettel gave Alonso any less room than Alonso gave Vettel in 2011. Remember that these drivers enter this turn at 160 miles an hour and exit at 190.

So why did Vettel get a drive-through penalty this year and last year Alonso got nothing? You could say that Alonso is driving for Ferrari at the Italian Grand Prix, and no race official is going to go against the Prancing Horse. You're safer saying that the stewards have ruled hard and clear for safety this season, as explained in expert detail by Axis of Oversteer.

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