Travis Pastrana does things in all kinds of vehicles that I probably wouldn’t even attempt in Grand Theft Auto, which is why he’s so fun to watch. Check out a solid hour of him and his lunatic friends doing stunts in Action Figures 2, a classic action sports-style movie that went live today.

You can watch Action Figures 2 on Crackle right now for free. I actually didn’t even realize this was a thing until somebody sent me this random Facebook video posted by pro snowmobile rider Levi LaVallee:

“Holy guacamole,” I exclaimed, spilling actual guacamole on my keyboard. The excitment was intensified when I realized this was part of a feature-length movie which, as I said earlier, is free to stream at that link above right now.

To get a better idea of what you’re getting into, here’s the official trailer to chew on.

I never saw the original Action Figures but I guess I’ve been missing out. Pretty much looks like Jackass but way, way more professional.


Man, remember Jackass? How does anyone survive adolescence.

Anyway, Pastrana himself directed and stars in the video. You’ll also see Harry Bink, Gregg Duffy, Beaver Fleming, Tarah Gieger, Vicki Golden, Trevor Jacob, Ronnie Mac, Lyn-z Pastrana, Trevor Piranha, Ethan Roberts, Brandon Schmidt, Phil “Smagical” Smage, Ryan Williams and Dusty Wygle in the cast.