Have you heard about this new car, this 2018 Dodge Challenger Demon? It has over 9,000 horsepower and everyone who drives it dies immediately, except for Richard Rawlings. That’s quite a machine! Amid all that hoopla, it’s easy to forget the humble Dodge Challenger Hellcat and its paltry 707 HP. This video will make you remember the Hellcat can still hang.


No info on this video except that it happened somewhere in Poland and went from start to seventh gear in full tire-smoking fury, coating most of this city block in the blessed magnificent haze of its burnout:

My god, that was spectacular. Next time you do a burnout, and you think it was a good burnout, I will merely point you to this instead to show you how wrong you were.


Bless us all, Hellcat!

Hat tip to r/cars

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