Police Arrest Idiot With Challenger Hellcat For Speeding At 158 MPH

Photo credit Kurt Bradley
Photo credit Kurt Bradley

In this week’s installment of dumbass with fast car does predictable thing, a Chicago man was arrested and had his car impounded for reportedly bringing his 707-horsepower Challenger Hellcat to speeds upwards of 160 mph.

According to Everbridge Nixle, a website that shares public-safety information, an Indiana State Trooper clocked 30 year-old Christopher Garza driving his 2016 Dodge Challenger Hellcat at a speed of 158 mph on a county road with a speed limit of 70 mph. The officer got another reading on his radar gun of 151 mph and pursued the vehicle.

Image: Indiana State Police
Image: Indiana State Police

Garza pulled over and told the officer that he had just purchased the 707-HP muscle car and wanted to show his two friends what it could do. The driver stated that he was well aware that he was approaching 160 mph, but figured that this road was “the safest place” show off his brand new muscle car. Our friends at The Drive point out that this particular road is not in the most ideal condition for high-speed runs. Had Garza lost control of his Hellcat at this speed, the likely results would have been tragic for him and his two friends.

Maybe take it to the track next time, bro.  Image: Indiana State Police
Maybe take it to the track next time, bro. Image: Indiana State Police

The trooper placed Garza under arrest and charged him with arrest for reckless driving. His two companions were taken to a local hotel, and the Hellcat sits in a police impound lot.

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Sly Jackal

There was no reason to arrest him and impound the car ...


That is the road ... it is completely empty at 1:34 am ... you could do 200 mph on cruise control safely ...