Watch This Gigantic Toyota School On Your Parking Job

Here’s a lesson in how to park good. Step 1: Acquire a powerful rear-wheel drive vehicle, such as this ‘JZX100' Toyota Mark II, complete with a powerful turbocharged 1JZ or 2JZ straight six. Step 2: find a empty and remote parking lot. Step 3: big, wide, sweeping, wonderful donuts.


Every day I ask myself why Toyota denied America the blessed and wonderful presence of its later Mark IIs, Crestas and Chasers. We got these cars as Cressidas for many years until Lexus came around and took over Toyota’s rear-drive luxury zone.

Without them, our lives are less sideways and more sad.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.



Does anyone know if Toyota sells this car in the USA under a different name? I know they sell some Japanese Toyota models in the USA under the Lexus brand.