This is a 1JZ-swapped 1980s rear-wheel-drive Toyota Cressida with a five-speed manual and it’s near me and please just buy this so I don’t do it myself.

This is what I would call an affordable car, but certainly not a cheap one. It looks like it’s in immaculate shape (particularly for a New York City car) and it has everything that anyone looking to own an engine-swapped/transmission-swapped/track-tuned Cressida would want. There’s new suspension, new brakes, a new cooling system, and a limited slip differential.


You’re looking at something around 200 horsepower in a car around 2,800 pounds, something like a fat, four-door version of a Toyota GT86.


If I hadn’t just bought my ‘74 VW, I’d consider going in on this.

Find the full listing right here.


Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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