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Watch This Genius BMW Driver Drive In Bus Lane And Instantly Get Caught

And if you can't tell, "genius" is clearly sarcastic.

There is nothing more infuriating in the world than sitting in traffic, like a Person, and seeing some jerk driving up the shoulder, or the bus lane, going around everyone, because they think they figured out a secret lane just for themselves that no one else though of.


Well guess what, JERK. Everyone else also thought of that, but unless they've got a baby being born in the back seat, they're not exactly going to do that. Because society has rules goddammit, and if you start driving on the shoulder, you're actively contributing to the breakdown of civilization.

So that makes it so, so beautiful when this cop sees this BMW doing that exact thing, and instantly pulls the car over. In fact, the BMW is so guilty that the cop doesn't even need to turn the lights on, the perp just pulls straight on over.


Some days, it's seeing justice like this that makes life totally worth living.

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Nice! On a side note, I saw TWO BMW's use their turn signals this morning, within the span of about 5 minutes.

I know, I think I'm fooling, but I was unaware BMW's even HAD turn signals. ;)