Watch This Anxiety-Inducing Video of a Small Plane Flying Between Two Jets In a Crash Landing

The small plane had to make an emergency landing. Before it did, the pilot performed a once-in-a-lifetime maneuver.

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Gif: MoMedia Youtube (Other)

It’s a maneuver you’ll likely never see performed again (except maybe in a movie), but this butt-clenching moment saved the lives of two passengers, and the pilot of the small plane you see above. In a combination of the pilot’s superb skills and what someone could call some potentially well-earned luck, the plane was able to thread itself between two large jets on the runway, before crashing into a ditch.

As The Drive reports, on August 4, a small plane carrying two passengers was coming in for an emergency landing at Cotswold Airport near the small village of Kemble, Gloucestershire U.K. While the cause of the accident is still under investigation, British authorities with the UK Air Accidents Investigation Branch believe the main cause of the event was the pilot overshooting the runway.


Surveillance video from the airport shows the plane coming in low. You can’t even really see the little airplane until it appears in between the jets. The little plane clips its right wing on the liner you can see on the left the one labeled “Red Wings” — damaging the Wings’ landing gear.

Luckily, both passengers and the pilot of the plane survived the crash and were taken to a local hospital to be treated for injuries. That pilot, is one hell of a pilot pull something like this off, and safely.