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Top Gear was expected to have the first video review of the Bugatti’s new entry-level hypercar, the Bugatti Chiron, this Sunday, but our pals over at Carfection seemed to have pulled a bit of a coup and got permission to show theirs sooner. As in now.


So, here it is:

The first ever video review of the Chiron! I suppose what’s amazing about it is how much it’s like almost every review of really expensive supercars, just, you know, that much more.


It does look pretty amazing, and the sound is great, and I’m sure that 1500 horsepower must give you a dizzying sense of power, making you feel for a few moments like a dictator of some wealthy little island nation, high on cocaine.

This thing is able to go highway speeds in first gear. It’ll go at least 260 mph, but even Bugatti isn’t sure how much more beyond that. It’s a stunning bit of engineering, and, aside from maybe one or two very controlled tests for some television show, this car will never be pushed to anything approaching its limits by anyone buying one.


I like that it includes a “drift mode,” though. I can’t wait until we start getting videos of that in action.

Anyway, it’s still amazing, so enjoy watching it here before you watch it on Top Gear.

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