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Watch The GTI Clubsport Set A Nürburgring Record Two Seconds Faster Than Last Time

Illustration for article titled Watch The GTI Clubsport Set A Nürburgring Record Two Seconds Faster Than Last Time

The Volkswagen GTI Clubsport S is basically a GTI that is purpose built to throw down hot-laps at the Nürburgring. It held the record for the quickest production front-wheel drive car, and just to be safe, it recently set a new record with an even faster lap time of 7:47.19. Rad.


The GTI Clubsport S, is not like your typical GTI in the fact that the regular car can actually serve as a practical daily driver. Something fun for your commute that you can take the kids in, but doesn’t mind some autocross on the weekends.


The Clubsport S is different. It has no back seats, boasts a re-tuned engine with over 300 horsepower, has an extensively re-worked suspension, adds legit aero bits that actually provide downforce and uses tires that are pretty much racing slicks.

Volkswagen will sell you one if you live in Europe, but is only making 400 of them, so it pushes the limit on what is technically a “production car.”

Regardless, this sucker is darn quick around the ‘Ring.

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How reliable are GTI’s? Had a bad experience with a 2002 Jetta and swore off VW. But the GTI is kinda hitting all the boxes on my want list in my next vehicle. THinking about a used 2012 an up, with DSG and say, up to 80k. Would I be asking for a nightmare?