How good can the NĆ¼rburgring record-smashing Volkswagen GTI Clubsport S really be? Is it properly rowdy, or is it another boringly competent German Cyborg Car? From these videos, Iā€™m gonna go with the former.

Youā€™ll recall that the GTI Clubsport S is a two-seat GTI with 305 horsepower, a retuned suspension and semi-racing slicks. It just set a front-wheel drive record time of 07:49:21 at the ā€˜Ring, according to Volkswagen. It is not coming to America for all sorts of reasons.

But! We can enjoy it in video form, like this B-roll of the car making its way around the Nordschleife:

And because you demanded it, hereā€™s the onboard of the full lap. But Volkswagen fucked up on this one, adding a plodding electronic soundtrack to the entire eight minute video that could be considered a form of torture in some countries. Never go full German, kids.

The carā€™s solid, though. Why isnā€™t this coming to America again? Oh yeah. Reasons.