Watch The Volkswagen GTI Clubsport S Set A Rambunctious Nürburgring Record

How good can the Nürburgring record-smashing Volkswagen GTI Clubsport S really be? Is it properly rowdy, or is it another boringly competent German Cyborg Car? From these videos, I’m gonna go with the former.


You’ll recall that the GTI Clubsport S is a two-seat GTI with 305 horsepower, a retuned suspension and semi-racing slicks. It just set a front-wheel drive record time of 07:49:21 at the ‘Ring, according to Volkswagen. It is not coming to America for all sorts of reasons.

But! We can enjoy it in video form, like this B-roll of the car making its way around the Nordschleife:

And because you demanded it, here’s the onboard of the full lap. But Volkswagen fucked up on this one, adding a plodding electronic soundtrack to the entire eight minute video that could be considered a form of torture in some countries. Never go full German, kids.

The car’s solid, though. Why isn’t this coming to America again? Oh yeah. Reasons.

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Cue the pointless, unending argument as to whether this lap “counts” or not due to the tire compound, the suspension camber, the ECU tune, the octane rating of the fuel, the type of paint on the car, the air temperature/humidity, what the driver had for breakfast, the number of squirrels in the surrounding area at the time of the lap...