Can’t afford a Porsche Cayman GT4? That’s okay, me either, and the wait list for those stretches into the next century anyway. But if you need a track day, bro car with a bit more accessibility and practicality, the Volkswagen GTI Clubsport has got us covered.

We saw this car in concept form a few months ago but it’s here in production spec for the Frankfurt Motor Show, and with 261 horsepower, and 286 HP with a 10-second overboost function, it’s the most powerful production GTI ever.

There’s just one catch: this sucker isn’t coming to America. Damn.

But if you live in places that aren’t America, you get a unique front aero kit and multi-part rear spoiler, Alcantara up in the inside, racing bucket seats and the option of a six-speed manual or the outstanding six-speed DSG.


Good stuff, Volkswagen. Uh... you sure you don’t want to bring this to America? We’d show it a good time.

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