Watch NASCAR Officials Use Power Tools To Extract Water Trapped Under Kansas Speedway

Screenshot: NASCAR (YouTube)

Kansas Speedway in Kansas City, Kansas developed a large bump hours before the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race scheduled for this evening. So officials simply drilled and sawed into the bump, only to find a bunch of water underneath.


It’s a big weekend at the Kansas Speedway, with some truck racing going on tonight and the KC Masterpiece 400 NASCAR race coming up tomorrow. Before that all happens, there’s a bit of work left to do to the track:

“That spot they’re going to right now on the racetrack... it’s developed into a huge bump,” one of the announcers in the video says. “The racetrack’s deteriorating. It’s a big rough spot... it’s tearing skirts up, splitters up. Like, the racetrack’s falling apart,” another person on the microphone declares.


Somehow water pressure under the asphalt got so high, it began to deform the racetrack. Wild.

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found the official track statement:

“Kansas Motor Speedway hit a minor bump during preparations for tomorrow’s TRUCK SERIES RACE, and the KC Masterpiece 400 NASCAR RACE. We would like to thank DEWALT TOOLS for their contributions in today’s preparations, as well as SITE SERVICES for laying down that wonderful asphalt, LUTRON LIGHTING for keeping the racing going even in the dark, FORD BUILT TOUGH also was a major help with the safety crew as well as FREIGHTLINER.”