Watch Mr. Regular Explain What Makes Rural Pennsylvania Great

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Tonight on Car vs. America (still not canceled yet!) our boys go to rural Pennsylvania, aka Pennsyltucky, and their local guide is a car expert we all know and love: Mr. Regular, host of Regular Car Reviews. We put him on TV!


Before the guys go off-roading in various tuned Jeeps, hit up a State Fair to pet the petting zoo animals and binge on funnel cake, and drive an 800 horsepower Tuff Truck, they need to get the lay of the land. And Mr. Regular is happy to explain how this area of the country is an often misunderstood but great place to enjoy a car.

Long as you watch out for the potholes.

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Editor-in-Chief at Jalopnik. 2002 Toyota 4Runner.

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Have only watched a couple of these so far and I have to say it’s very odd to see two hipster city guys who otherwise don’t seem to have: grown up with cars, open roads, off-road, ever held a wrench, or even as ‘car guys’. Obviously they know cars, it just doesn’t come across that way at first blush at least.

To be clear, this is coming from someone who despises the ‘meat head’ car shows that dominate TV. It seems maybe we’ve traded ‘Affliction’ t shirts for skinny jeans.