Illustration for article titled Watch Kenny Brack Floor This McLaren F1 GTR Long-Tail On Cold Tires

It's not every day one can go flat out with a McLaren F1 GTR Long-Tail, but Indy 500 winner Kenny Brack just got lucky at Goodwood.


Chassis number 19R has spent three years in a garage getting back its original livery just as it appeared in Jerez in 1997 as McLaren's own development car. After that, #19R was actively raced from 1997 though to 2001.

It's BMW V12 produces roughly 650 horsepower coupled to a 6-speed sequential gearbox, and tipping the scales at 2,013 lbs, you can imagine how hard can it be to keep it on the track without the help of properly warmed up rubber.

Somebody, please send me $12 million, I need this in my life.

Photo credit: Iain A Wanless

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