They say that you can't drift an all-wheel-drive car. Just to prove the doubters wrong, Kenneth Blockenhammer blew through the entire course at Formula D Irwindale, including its car-killer banking.

That wall did almost eat Block's car. He shattered two wheels hitting it in fifth gear in practice. Even when he did break those wheels, Block kept going with just three wheels. That's kind of his thing. Actually, the wheels are designed to break on impact, so that the car's suspension doesn't get screwed up. So it turns out that drifting in an AWD car is hard, as Mr. Hoonigan explains.

Unlike a RWD car, counter-steering actually pulls my AWD Fiesta out of a drift, making long, constant radius-drifts difficult. Once a RWD car is drifting, more throttle can be added to actually increase speed, where on an AWD car, I need to carry as much speed as possible into the initiation so I can carry the momentum through the turn, as I am essentially steering straight, any amount of grip would pull me off line and away from the bank, so a ton of finesse was needed to stay at angle throughout the big, outside Irwindale bank.

And this is the same car that Block takes to rallycross and to stage rallies. Badass.