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Watch In-Car Footage Of Jeremy Foley's Scary Pikes Peak Crash

Illustration for article titled Watch In-Car Footage Of Jeremy Foleys Scary Pikes Peak Crash

This year's Pikes Peak International Hill Climb was a touch scary, highlighted by Jeremy Foley's scary roll down the mountain. He's now out doing the TV circuit (Today Show this morning, Inside Edition, and Piers Morgan) and NBC got their hands on the so-far-exclusive in-car footage of the crash.


Ouch. We're dizzy just watching it.

Jeremy Foley was in a race-prepped Evo when something went wrong (more theories on that later) and he went off at Devil's Playground and wound up rolling down the hill. Somehow, he walked away without any serious injuries. His co-driver Yuri Kouznetsov dislocated his shoulder, but is otherwise ok.


You can see in video before the crash that the car seemed to be operating fully. We're looking further into what happened because we're not sure how much a car that's been fully Whirlpooled can tell crash investigators.

If you have vertigo, you might not want to watch this video after lunch.


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" I prayed before the race"

I see that helped