Here's Jeremy Foley Before His Pikes Peak Crash

Last weekend, a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution flew off of Colorado's Pikes Peak during the hill climb and performed a terrifying series of barrel rolls down the side of the mountain.


The driver, Jeremy Foley, and his codriver, Yuri Kouznetsov, managed to escape the crash. Kouznetsov was pretty banged up initially, but it sounds like both are relatively ok.

Before the crash, Foley was really pushing his Evo up the mountain. Luckily, the video of the crash isn't the only thing from the weekend.

Here, a spectator caught Foley and Kouznetsov about a minute before the crash. He's definitely on it as he locks up the brakes before taking a hairpin turn. It's obvious that he was really going for it, which could have contributed to the crash a minute later.

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