Watch How The Tesla Model 3 Handles One Of America's Best Race Tracks

The Tesla Model 3 has a lot on its shoulders, facing delays, struggles with build quality and, most importantly, how neutral its handling is on Mid Ohio, one of America’s best road courses.

You may think that the big question about the Model 3 is if Tesla can make them at their anticipated price, well enough and in sufficient quantity, but really, all you need to know is how well it handles Thunder Valley.


The YouTube uploader praised how the 3 drove in a remarkably neutral “I am the fast driving track day human” kind of way.

Tesla Model 3 on Michelin Pilot Sport 4S. Car handles well and is neutral, but it needs track pads!

Maybe he’s just exceedingly midwestern. Unclear. Either way, the 3 is good now, because it didn’t look like it had excessive over or understeer getting onto the back straight.

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