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Watch As Classic Range Rovers Conquer The Colorado Rockies In 1989

Illustration for article titled Watch As Classic Range Rovers Conquer The Colorado Rockies In 1989
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In 1989, Land Rover made history with The Great Divide Expedition, letting a bunch of lucky journalists from Commonwealth countries drive Range Rovers through Colorado, crossing a the Continental Divide in a roughly 1,000 mile journey.


Everybody knows Land Rover for their amazing Camel Trophies, but back in 1989, conservationist and Camel Trophy driver Tom Collins came up with a North American adventure.


12 days, 1,128 miles of mostly unpaved (or worse) roads and classic Range Rovers crawling through the Rockies from the Wyoming border to northern New Mexico.

The best news? It's sort of happening again. That's very nice to see since times have changed and nowadays, it's pretty much all about building stupidly fast SUVs that can win the Horsepower Wars. Seeing Range Rovers get dirty again restores some of my faith in humanity.

Just grow a mustache if you enter. If the car is from 1989, you must be too.

Top Photo Credit: Land Rover USA

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Awesome. I'd say, with the possible exception of California, Colorado is the greatest automotive playground around. (but then I'm a bit bias)