Finally, Land Rover Is Selling The 1989 Range Rover Again

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In honor of heritage and marketing or whatever, Land Rover has completely recreated one of the all-time coolest Range Rovers- a 1989 model prepped for the Great Divide Expedition. The 1,000 mile trip down the Continental Divide introduced what we've come to know as the "Classic" body style to the world.

Land Rover is selling this beautiful beast, which is an exact replica of the eight original Great Divide rigs, on eBay for the "Tread Lightly" nature charity.


Aside from the roof rack, a Warn winch, good tires, and some classy ClipArt graphics, the old Range Rover is essentially how it would have rolled off the showroom floor in 1989. I won't call it "perfect," but, come on... she's close.

Rover is also hosting a miniature re-visit of the Great Divide drive for owners who want to drop up $9,000 on an eight-day vacation.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of our historic off-road crossing of the North American Great Divide, Land Rover is offering two chances to recreate the epic ride.

The journey begins at the Four Seasons Hotel Denver where you'll meet your Land Rover Driving Instructors. On day two you'll head towards Breckenridge and a relaxing evening at One Ski Place. Day three brings you to Aspen via the 13,188 ft Mosquito Pass before a night at the historic landmark, Hotel Jerome. Next a visit to Tincup, a once-thriving mining camp, before you head to a private ranch for gourmet dining and campfire entertainment.

The next days transport you to the Wild West through Old Cow Town, historic Ouray and Silverton. Routes between each will put your Land Rover vehicle to the test. The journey winds down over the final two days on the way to Telluride. Enjoy an evening at the luxurious Hotel Madeline and a farewell dinner at world-class restaurant Alpino Vino before being transported to the Telluride Airport to conclude the adventure.
Great Divide Adventure:
August 20 - 28, 2014
Price per single: $9,000
Price per couple: $13,000

September 3 - 12, 2014
Price per single: $9,800
Price per couple: $14,000


I mean, it does sound really fun.

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