Watch an 1800 horsepower Camaro go 239 MPH

We showed you Late Model Racecraft's 1,808 RWHP fourth-gen Camaro SS on the dyno before the Texas Mile, now you can see the car realize its high speed potential. This impressive 239 MPH high speed run makes this fourth gen the fastest Camaro to have ever run at the Mile.


After a high speed blowout on an earlier run (Watch it here), during which the Camaro managed to avoid the fate of Hinson Motorsport's twin turbo Corvette, LMR returned the Camaro to the track wearing 20 inch wheels and street tires (the only ones that could be found with an offset that fit the car) and made the impressive run you see here.


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It's not a real Camaro speed test if you don't have at least 1 dismembered and or bullet-riddled corpse in the trunk.