Twin-turbo Camaro hits 1,800 horsepower on the dyno

The crew at Late Model Racecraft's plans for The Texas Mile this weekend include this 1,808 RWHP fourth-gen Camaro SS. With all that power, let's hope their plans don't include this.

For those who are unaware, The Texas Mile is the twice-yearly one-mile speed test out at a tiny airport in Goliad, Texas. It attracts everything from stripped motorcycles to diesel-powered Mustangs and insane Ford GTs. Speeds can hit the 260 MPH zone. Unlike other high-speed tests, there's no classing and they're open to frequent passes so you'll see 1,000 cars run in a day.


(Hat tip to Autospotters!)

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1,800 HP? If he manages to put even half of that to the pavement, he's going to twist the drive shaft like a pretzel and grenade the tires and wheels into a million pieces of shrapnel.