Hinson Motorsports' C6 Corvette Z06 crashed at speeds in excess of 230 miles an hour yesterday at the Texas Mile. Amazingly the driver walked away from the crash without injury.


The team had run a 224.5 MPH pass Friday in the Z06 on "very low boost" according to Hinson Motorsports' Facebook page. The company's website reveals the silver Corvette was producing in excess of 1400 horsepower on a conservative tune last week.

Hinson Motorsports posted the following statement regarding the crash:

"Our record breaking Corvette was well on the way to raising the bar again when it left the track at over 230mph. The driver walked away and has been released from the hospital. The car rolled one time and landed back on the wheels. This a testament to following safety guidelines and building a safe car."


So far there isn't any video footage of the crash, but you can see the same car that crashed run a 214 MPH pass at the Texas Mile last October below. During that event a Lamborghini Gallardo built by Underground Racing met a similar fate as the Z06.

We've added pictures of the crash as it happened here.


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(Photo Credit: AutoSpotters)