This video isn’t particularly new, but I’d not encountered it before. It’s a promo for Mutec, a company that modifies expensive cars into even more expensive cars, and it seems they also make them bulletproof. Here you can watch them shoot the crap out of a Rolls-Royce Phantom, and it’s weirdly serene.

Maybe it’s the relative lack of talking, or perhaps the birdsong faintly heard in the background as the doomed Roller languidly rotates on its turntable, but for a video focused solely on shooting the crap out of a car, this whole thing feels so languid.


That said, they do shoot the hell out of the car, and, impressively, the armor seems to be doing its job, but I can’t exactly tell.

At the end, they just blow a bomb up under it, again to surprisingly little effect. Then they probably went out for a drink, satisfied in the knowledge of a day well spent.