This Is What It's Like To Get Shot At By An AK-47 In An Armored Mercedes

Our friends at San Antonio-based Texas Armoring Corporation take their jobs very seriously. So seriously that they're willing to put their lives in the line to test their own products. Would you sit in a car while someone shot at you with an AK-47?

Maybe you would if you were TAC President and CEO Trent Kimball, and you had total, 100 percent confidence in the quality of your company's armored cars. Even so, I think there's a huge degree of trust that goes with it, or at least the assurance of a really good medical plan and/or life insurance policy.


In TAC's latest video, Kimball gets behind the wheel of one of their latest armored Mercedes-Benz SUVs while an employee (I'm assuming this isn't a job they give to interns) fires on the windshield with the AK-47. But it holds up just fine.

"That was frigging amazing," Kimball says at the end. "It could have taken a lot more!"

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