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If there's one thing Evo's Track Car of the Year 2014 video proves, it's that British car enthusiasts are the luckiest devils in the universe.


Just think about it. Where else can you get a wider variety of track-focused sports cars? Not in America, nor in continental Europe or any Asian country.

There's something for everyone, from as little as 80 horsepower to 800 if you're after the fastest. Your track weapon can come from big names like Nismo, Renaultsport, McLaren Special Operations or Porsche Motorsport, one of the crazy local companies who stick number plates on pretty much full on race cars like Radical, Ariel and Caterham, or tuners like BBR who give Mazda MX-5's the grunt they need for the track.


And if you're after something really special, there are even smaller entities like historic Broadley Automotive, who can take you back in time with a Chevy V8 for £250,000 in case you want to eat the fastest Ariel Atoms for breakfast in style.

We're in for that.

Also, say whatever you want about McLaren making the same car over and over again, but that 650S GT3 remains absolutely bonkers!


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