The Ariel Atom is a continuously evolving product, and following the V8 and the Mugen versions is this, the limited-edition Atom 3.5R with more power, an improved chassis and a sequential paddle-shift gearbox that can change gears faster than physics would suggest.

According to Ariel boss Simon Saunders, the one thing customers really liked about the Atom V8 (apart from it having a tiny but punchy V8) was its paddle-shift gearbox.

With that in mind, they took their more powerful Atom 3.5 and fitted it with a Sadev six-speed sequential, a race-ready unit with a Geartronic control mechanism and different gearsets to suit all any circuit. The 3.5R's limited-slip differential is also adjustable to keep Chris Harris happy.


To make those powerslides a bit easier, Ariel also fitted the supercharged Honda Type R 2.0 with a new intercooler and turned up the boost from 7.5 psi to 11 psi, giving you 350 horsepower at 8400 rpm with 243 lb ft of torque at 6100rpm.

The 0-62 time comes down to around 2.5 seconds, and to keep this 1,212 pound beast under control, the chassis is upgraded as well with a set of fully adjustable Öhlins TTX dampers with in-line internal reservoirs and a choice of Öhlins springs. The brakes are 290mm vented discs with four-pot calipers in all corners. Sticky Kumho tires complete the package.


The price for all this? About $135,707 worth of British Pounds, but if you want one for this season, call them soon because deliveries start as early as next month.