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Watch A Rally Driver Roll His Car And Keep Going Like Nothing Happened

Now that's how you build a roll cage.

This is Jari Huttunen and codriver Marko Vartiainen in their Opel Astra Gsi at the recent Runni Rock Ralli up in Finland. Huttunen loses control of the Astra, hooks it into a snowbank, and rolls. Does that stop him? Hell no. Just watch how he casually flips on the windshield wipers to clear the snow out of his line of sight.


And he's pushing just as hard after the flip as before! He nearly goes off the road again like a minute later.

This might be the most Finnish thing I've ever seen.

(Hat tip to Steve 'DustyVentures' Harrell!)

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Co-Driver: "Been playing a lot of Dirt 2?"

Driver: "Yep."