Well, everyone is insane at Bowman Gray race track. This is the second demolition derby at that track in just the past month, and this one features a burnout. Into another car. Yes, a burnout into another car. Only at Bowman Gray.


The crowd seems to love it more and more each time, and the cops just seem more and more apathetic.

"Oh, another nut's gotten behind the wheel? What else is new here."

Drivers Burt Meyers and Tim Brown have been docked a bunch of points, and are on probation with regards to actions towards each other, but honestly, that might make it all worse. When both men know they have no chance at winning the championship, what's stopping them from going nuts the next race?

And what the hell is in the water at Bowman Gray? Maybe someone should check it for vast rivers of pink slime.

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