Watch This Benign Racing Accident Turn Into A Crazed Demolition Derby

Bowman-Gray, a race track in North Carolina, is rapidly gaining a reputation as racing's cesspool of batshittery, where if you want to just use your car as a weapon, then sure, why not. The latest incident involves two drivers who, after getting into a small accident, decided to just say "fuck it, demolition derby."

It looks like Scott Hall, in the #54, was following a normal racing line when someone else hit him on his rear quarter panel, forcing him into Derek Stoltz in the #02, which sent both of them into the wall.


Stoltz apparently had some sort of problem, which prevented him from moving, but which Hall took as a "COME AT ME BRO" move, because everyone involved here is apparently 12 years old and deranged.

Let the games begin.

Stoltz and Hall started to repeatedly ram each other, using their cars as spears, to the point where Stoltz actually tries to cut across the infield and fling his car at full speed into Hall, failing in a mire of impotent rage.

(All the other cars on the track have been stopped by this point, like the other patrons watching a bar fight between two blackout drunks take swings at each other, missing each time, before they both collapse in a heap of vomit, and sure, pee, too, that's probably just an inevitability.)

Hall was eventually taken away by the cops, using their best "are you kidding me" face, while Stoltz drove off track, presumably to find someone else to fight.


Next week, Bowman-Gray will attempt to top itself when Mike Robertson grabs two chainsaws and just chases everyone else around, on foot.

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Their sponsors must be so proud. Driving an out of control car flat out across an infield containing fireman and officials on foot. Yeah, we got a couple of real winners on our hands. They should both be banned from racing....anything.