Watch A Race Car Driver Dodge A Crash At 150 MPH

A Formula 2 driver is racing in Belgium, going 150 miles per hour when he sees a massive jam suddenly emerge out of the mists. In what could be the save of the year, he dodges the other cars and what would be a catastrophic accident.

The conditions at this Spa-Francorchamps Circuit in the Ardennes are hardly different than what we see on motorways across Europe, where heavy fog can cause horrifically large accidents.


The driver in this clip, Dino Zamparelli is just coming off of Eau Rouge, one of the most daunting turns in motorsport, he manages to dodge multiple cars, on the grass, in the wet, escape with just a broken rear right, and pass four cars while doing so. There's no question that he deserves an entry in this year's Save of the Year competition.


(Hat tip to Fabio!)

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