Watch A Prius Overtake A McLaren P1 Driven By Jay Leno

Jay Leno got the first McLaren P1 in the US, which he celebrated by putting almost 2,000 miles on it in less than two weeks (hero). Here's how it feels like do drive the most advanced car on the planet where it matters: the roads around Los Angeles in daily traffic.

As you probably know, my favorite of the P1/918/LaFerrari trio is the British car because I believe it's the fastest and smartest both on track and as a road car. Ferrari fanboys disagree, but somebody who happens to own a McLaren F1 and hundreds of denim shirts is on my side.


Journalists only got the chance to drive these hypercars on a track for a few laps, and while that's an experience they'll never forget, with these three, road performance is a much more interesting question.

The track battle can go down later between the LaFerrari XX and the P1 GTR anyway. In the meantime, watch Jay explain why the P1 has to be an active flamethrower and how its turbos sound like a liger while it avoids the gas guzzler tax with 903 horsepower on tap.

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I think I'm more impressed with the fact that in two weeks he has managed to put close to 2,000 miles on the car. That is a whole lot of driving for anyone to do, especially around L.A. But I guess if I were retired and had that car I would find any excuse to go out and drive it. I love that he just doesn't care about mileage one bit, unlike many of the people who might get their hands on these. I hope the only low mileage cars are the ones that remain with McLaren.