Ferrari Will Build A Ridiculous LaFerrari XX For Rich Guy Track Days

From what we've heard, the LaFerrari is a fairly unbelievable machine. But if our friends at Road & Track are to be believed, and we believe they are, then Ferrari will make a LaFerrari XX that wealthy folks will get to squire about a track at elegant Italian speeds.

The LaFerrari XX was confirmed in an interview with Antonello Coletta, the head of Ferrari's Sporting Activity Department. I just spoke to our pals at Road & Track and they also said that Ferrari North America confirmed that confirmation to them. So I guess that means it's confirmed.


That means that the LaFerrari-esque LMP car that has been seen running around Fiorano might not be an actual LMP car, but a customer car for high priced private track days. Sounds delightfully devilish.

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