Watch A Nissan GT-R Get Airborne And Crash (UPDATE)

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We've seen a lot of dumb crashes when drivers take their cars over crests and enter blind turns way too fast, but this one is in another league.

This GT-R is literally flying through the air before it crashes down and then skids into a field.

The Nissan GT-R is supposed to turn anybody who gets behind the wheel into some kind of super-driver. The owner of this GT-R certainly found out the limit of the car's abilities very, very quickly.


The crash occurred on some kind of GT-R cruise, and yes, the people filming the crash did stop and help. We do not know the condition of the occupants in the crashed GT-R, other than that the driver is profoundly stupid.


For those who are counting, this is broadly the same kind of bad driving that spit a Mazda RX-8 into a forest and wrecked a BMW M3 in the desert.


(UPDATE) A Jalopnik reader confirmed that the driver of the crashed GT-R is okay. He was even able to drive out of the field. As you can see above, however, his friends had a few broken pieces of GT-R to pick up after him.


(UPDATE 2) The GT-R apparently suffered an estimated $15,000 of damage in this crash. It was towed to Frederick Nissan with damage to the front bumper, front and rear diffuser, radiator and oil cooler. The airbag reportedly did not go off. Moreover, it was in the first mile of the 60-mile cruise.

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