Watch A Nissan GT-R Experience Bird Strike At 140 MPH On The 'Ring

The eagle has landed ... on a race car's windshield on the Nurburgring. But that's what can happen when you're the one of the first guys on the track when it hasn't been used in a while.

Colin Alton was the first to run an evening lap in his Nissan GT-R, and was going about 140 mph when an eagle flew across his path. Luckily, Colin was able to maintain control of his car when the big bird smacked one side of his windshield.

Even though the 'Ring is pretty far from the Black Forest, it's surrounded by forested land where rabbits like to hide out. Foxes like to eat rabbits, and eagles like to eat foxes, so you can see why there was a huge bird of prey flapping across the track when Alton was running his lap.


We're not sure what happened to the eagle, but it might have survived. The car didn't look too much worse for the wear. I know I'm being optimistic, but maybe there was an air cushion created by the car's high speed. Probably not, though. Poor devil — he was looking for dinner and became a hoonburger.

This brings up an interesting question, though. What if, god forbid, the 'Ring did go out of business and fell into disrepair? It wouldn't be long before wild animals reclaimed it as part of the forest.

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When watching the bird in the rear view, did anyone think of this?