Watch a Driver Blast Past the Safety Car On Track Because He Is Extremely On Fire

Gif: Calum Lockie (YouTube)

When a race car catches on fire, most people stop, hop out, and hope the fire truck can get there fast enough to prevent totaling the car. But not Calum Lockie. Lockie passes the pace car, with a literal fire under his ass, and takes the car to the fire truck.

Here’s the onboard video of Lockie racing back to the pits in a Shelby Daytona Coupe, co-driven by Julian Thomas, at the 2019 Donington Historic Festival:

There’s not much more information about what happened after the video cuts out, but one has to imagine Lockie got the hell out of there and hopefully the they were able to save the car.


Lockie tweeted:

The Daytona is relatively new to Thomas and Lockie, with Thomas suggesting as much when the car took the fastest lap at Circuit Paul Ricard for the Masters Historic race a couple of months ago.

Here’s the car not on fire:


Despite the fire, Thomas and Lockie reportedly won the Jaguar Classic Challenge in an E-Type, won the Historic Touring Car Challenge in a Ford Cosworth Sierra RS 500, and got second in the Historic Racing Driver’s Club Allstars race in a Ford Falcon, according to Historic Racing News.

Maybe next time there’s a fire, just pull over and exit? I’m not sure it’s worth roasting one’s own skin to save a car. But maybe that’s just easy to say from here, because it’s not my car.

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It’s a Shelby Daytona Coupe … I’d have risked going down with the ship to save that car.

I once beat an engine fire out on the side of the road with my shirt.