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Screenshot: @MotorsportTV_UK (Twitter)

Driver Alexander Prinz made a valiant effort to keep his Ferrari flambé under control with a little hand extinguisher, but as the British commentators said on the broadcast, it wasn’t enough. “That needs an airplane fire truck with lots of foam.”


Of all the race-spec exotics running around Germany for the 24 Hours Of Nürburgring endurance race this weekend, I never would have guessed the Ferrari of all things to catch fire. Or, no, wait, that’s the opposite is what I meant.

Just a couple hours into the race, Prinz’s #55 Ferrari lit up like a summer bonfire and was pretty much reduced to refuse in minutes. Prinz pulled over and briefly attempted to physically muscle the car away from the track, much to the frustration of charmingly befuddled commentators, but the thing’s smoked.

Good try but no
Good try but no
Screenshot: @MotorsportTV_UK (Twitter)

“Is this the team known as– ‘octane’?”

“Well, uh, yes.”

Thankfully Prinz walks away, but the video is pretty harrowing. The car will not be completing the race.

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