Utah Highway Patrol Trooper Rubern Correa is a hero, but I would not want to be his underpants. Early this morning Trooper Correa came upon a car stuck on the railroad tracks, with an unconscious driver inside. With only seconds to spare, Trooper Correa dragged the person out of the car (it looks like a Honda CR-V), right before the train slammed into it, destroying it and knocking it down the tracks.


Here, look for yourself:


Man, even knowing that everything turned out okay beforehand, that’s still hard to watch.

According to KSL.com, the driver had an unknown medical issue, and is, of course, very grateful that he and Correa made it out okay.

In a statement to KSL, Correa demonstrates an admirable capacity for understatement:

“That’s when I realized, ‘Oh wow, that was a lot closer than what I would have liked.’”


Yes, I bet that was closer than he’d have liked.

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