Most cop cars have a big metal-and-rubber push bar mounted to the front bumper. While it’s easy to imagine how the bar could be used, it’s rare to actually see it in action. That’s part of what makes this video so interesting: it’s a good example of why those things can be so handy, especially if you have to, say, shove an overturned car out of traffic like this CHP officer did.

The incident happened two days ago, when a driver on State Route 299, near Willow Creek, CA, lost control of their car and rolled the car onto its roof.


Incredibly and thankfully, nobody was injured in the accident. The overturned car was blocking traffic, though, so the CHP officer decided to use that push bar for something constructive: shoving the car off the road, and out of the way of traffic.

I suspect that the officer in the SUV enjoyed this part of the job; it seems like using the SUV to shove that car over would be oddly satisfying.


Hopefully the owner isn’t too upset about the extra scratches on the roof from the shoving.

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