A CHP Helicopter Spotted A Motorcycle Rider Accused Of Routinely Smashing Drivers' Mirrors And Followed Him Home

Illustration for article titled A CHP Helicopter Spotted A Motorcycle Rider Accused Of Routinely Smashing Drivers' Mirrors And Followed Him Home

This motorcyclist was caught knocking off mirrors, supposedly speeding at over 100 mph, and has pending charges of driving recklessly on a California highway. Unfortunately for him, his hooligan antics were caught by a CHP helicopter leading police units on the ground straight to his home.


In the brief but shocking video, you can clearly make out the white SUV making as much room as possible for the motorcyclist to pass. Even with all that space, the Kawasaki appears to absolutely obliterate the mirror on the SUV as he speeds past.

During the past week, reports were coming in to the CHP’s office of a green Kawasaki motorcycle rider causing damage to motorists vehicles on their commutes. Because motorbikes are both fast and nimble, a getaway in the middle of rush hour isn’t that hard to pull off.

But it’s easy to forget that a helicopter can easily pick out neon green paintwork, and the high-powered zoom lenses from a CHP helicopter caught the motorcyclist apprently in the act and followed the offender all the way home.

The Contra Costa CHP gave a full report on Facebook:

Thanks to our CHP - Golden Gate Division Air Operations and their eye in the sky, this rider led the “Air-Ops” team and our ground units straight to his house where we were waiting for him.

Now he’s facing pending charges of reckless driving, vandalism, suspended registration, and his motorcycle was impounded. (This same behavior from the same rider occurred multiple days in a row last week.)


And the list of his charges may grow longer. The CHP is reaching out to the anyone who had a run in with the offending rider.

“During this past week, if you were a victim of this green Kawasaki motorcycle rider kicking, punching, and smashing mirrors, please call us at 925-646-4980, with the date, times, location, and all information to make a report.”


Hopefully this serves as a reminder to all riders and drivers—if you think no one is watching, someone probably is.



I can’t wait to see the asshole’s mugshot. Good work CHP. It’s jerks like this that make it tougher on all the other riders trying to be safe out there.