Motorcyclist Kicks A Moving Car And Starts A Shitshow Of Epic Proportions

Photo: Octavio Fernandez/Facebook (screengrabs)

A motorcyclist kicked the side of what looks like a Nissan Sentra on a major highway in southern California, starting a chain reaction that ended with a truck on its roof and the Sentra in a mangled, leaky mess.


The ridiculous crash happened near Santa Clarita just before 6 a.m. on Wednesday, NBC Los Angeles reports. The news site says a passenger in a trailing car started shooting video after the gray sedan “inadvertently” cut off the biker.

From there, the passenger told the site, “words went back and forth,” after which the motorcyclist decided—for a reason I cannot possibly understand—to kick the moving car. Chaos ensued:

After the kick, the sedan swerved towards the bike, nearly sending it into the divider. Then the car’s driver over-corrected and impacted the barrier in a huge explosion of sparks, nearly flipping the vehicle over as it careened into the center of the highway.

That’s when the little sedan rammed into a white Cadillac Escalade EXT, tossing the pickup onto its roof, and injuring its passenger. California Highway Patrol told NBC Los Angeles that the man in the truck went to the hospital, but is expected to be fine.

Aside from road rage as the most likely cause, there’s still a lot we don’t know about this crash. The CHP is investigating this as a case of road rage and potentially as a hit and run (police are currently searching for the biker), with officer Josh Greengard telling NBC Los Angeles:

Obviously it was a road rage incident. He was kicking the vehicle. We have to get a statement, see what’s going on.

So it looks like the biker ditched—that’s a poor life choice. But not nearly as poor of a life choice as kicking a 3,000 pound moving automobile surrounded by dozens of other 3,000 pound moving automobiles.

Kicking automobiles. Don’t do it.

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Imagine how terrible of a driver you have to be to 1) react to a biker kicking your car at highway speeds, 2) try to engage a retaliatory attempt to take the biker out, and 3) to then lose control of the vehicle over something that was so inconsequential and not worth reacting to.

I’d like to know what exactly transpired that caused the biker to kick the car. I would never advise kicking another moving vehicle on the bike because I have seen people do that and inadvertently put themselves down on the ground. But the driver swerving at the biker is an even bigger mistake as that looked like a case for attempted murder. There are no winners here, but it’s a great teaching moment for the rest of us about not letting emotions dictate a nearly fatal outcome.