Watch A Beastly Nissan GT-R Drive Out Of Sub-Arctic Snow

Clearly, the Nissan GT-R is the honeybadger of supersports cars. Here's one just sixty miles below the Arctic Circle, driving out of a bank of snow without a stutter.


As the Swedish driver points out, the GT-R takes Porsche and Lamborghini's (and Acura's) claims of building ‘everyday supercars' and makes them look like idiots.


This is the first video of Team Ice_Ricers and we will be watching their channel for more shenanigans of this sort.

(Hat tip to CarScoop!)

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Uh... so it had a little snow in front of it and on top of it and it... started? Then pushed through/went over maybe 2" of snow after getting compacted? I'd hope it could do that, considering any modern car should be able to. I know that both my FWD 4-cyl DD certainly could, snow tires or not, and the RWD RX-7 definitely could (although not on the current bald, 120 treadwear summer tires).

Kinda lame, dontcha think?