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You're in New Jersey and Hurricane Sandy hit two days ago. There's no gas at the stations, but you've got a bunch of fuel containers in the garage. You fill up your GT-R and, oh shit, you grabbed the container of diesel.


What happens now?

Not much, actually. The shop that took in this diesel-filled GT-R back on November 2nd told Reddit's r/Justrolledintotheshop that they just flushed all the fluids and the car ran fine immediately.


The GT-R's owner had a bunch of fuel containers around for his company cars and trucks and decided to skip the four hour lines for gas that New Jersey was stuck with for weeks. Accidentally, he grabbed the wrong fuel containers. He had only just turned on his GT-R when he shut it off again, so it looks like he dodged a bullet.

We're happy for the owner, but now we really want to see someone do Cummins swap on a GT-R and make a proper diesel version of the car.

Photo Credit:, ElmiM

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