What happens when your Porsche 911 Turbo S catches on fire down the street from the Hot Rod Magazine offices? The video of your woe goes online.

Indeed this poor sap not only has to suffer through the death of his 911 Turbo in rich person specification, he has to suffer through it in the most public way possible.

Here's how Hot Rod's Mike Finnegan described the conflagration.

That's a 560-horsepower, seven-speed, all-wheel-drive, 10-second, 190-plus-mph car suffering an inglorious end by self-immolating in a Costco parking lot. It had the courtesy to do it within a few blocks of HOT ROD home base, and our friend Robert "Mefi Bob" Radke (MEFIburn.com) was on the scene, cell-phone in hand to capture the photos and video. Says Bob, who drives a 600-horsepower LS-powered Porsche, "The car started smoking a few rows downwind of where I parked, I moved my car upwind of it and saw the flame action." The owner came out a few minutes later.


Note to expensive car owners: avoid the Motor Trend offices at all costs. They appear to be cursed.

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