So you have a Ford GT and you're out for a spin. You see the offices of Motor Trend and Hot Rod, among others. It's a bad place to crash if you don't want to be ashamed of yourself. This guy apparently didn't care about the shame.

Last night, a few pictures popped up of a crashed Ford GT right outside the Motor Trend/Hot Rod offices. The offices are off of what appears tobe a straight, four lane road, and somehow the Ford GT hit a tree. Motor Trend's Instagram was quick to note that nobody from the magazine was driving the car.

Smart move, we'd definitely put that disclaimer in as well.

Of course, if you crash your car in front of a car magazine, there are car writers and car photographers inside. They will hear your car crash and come running to take car pictures and to write about your car. People who just crashed their cars aren't usually super happy, so the last thing they want to see are a bunch of professional car photographers and car writers posting and writing about your car crash.


There is no word on how it happened, and from the images, it looks like the road is fairly straight and wide. Maybe a distraction? Perhaps a burnout gone wrong? The car broke?

We don't know. All we do know is this guy probably learned not to crash in front of a car magazine again.


UPDATE: The driver told Motor Trend that the throttle stuck on his car.